Photo by Haley Sheffield

Photo by Haley Sheffield

Born in Beirut - Lebanon, raised in Ghana - West Africa and most of my adult years here in Montreal - Canada with my husband and two daughters.

I studied graphic design 15 years ago. I worked in many industries including game design, advertising agencies - and for the past 10 years focusing mainly on mobile and web products.

As a full-time product designer, it was crucial for me to find my creative outlet.

I needed something that enabled my mind to go lose. I allowed myself to explore a passion of mine and gave myself permission and space to experiment and fail - & to be a novice at something.

Finding my creative space without putting pressure on myself - I would paint with oils, acrylics, sketch and play with watercolours, knit scarves and the next thing I know I started painting with buttercream and tearing fondant!

My cakes are simply my new canvases. A childhood fascination that grew into my adulthood passion.

Every talent has a level-up to discover. Nothing can be fully learned and thus ideas always find their way in when you are truly passionate about something.

Nature as my theme - colours, textures and scents - All mixed together to create awe.